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Stevenson Dental Care | Tooth Extraction in Stevenson

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Stevenson, WA 98648
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Tooth Extraction
Stevenson Dental Care in Stevenson WA


There are many reasons why it is necessary to prevent the loss of our teeth, and replace missing teeth.  Unfortunately sometimes a tooth will need to be removed.  Some common reasons teeth are removed are to make room for orthodontic braces, or an unrepairable fracture and deep cavity, or loss of the tooth’s bony support from advanced gum disease,    Wisdom teeth typically may not have enough space for them to come in properly, or may be impacted and lead to infection that can also affect the teeth next to them.

Fortunately tooth extraction does not need to be an uncomfortable experience.  Many times a local anesthetic alone is all that is needed for an uncomplicated extraction.  For more comfort, oral conscious sedation is available so you can chose to be lightly relaxed or quite sleepy, and may not even remember the appointment the next day.


Stevenson Dentist | Tooth Extraction. Jack Clifton is a Stevenson Dentist.